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Getting the Best Quote the first time and Every time.


Negotiating with unwavering Confidence, Gain Superior control over suppliers securing better prices, better terms and closing better deals.


Growing your business and blow the cap off your business profits.

Seize the opportunity to acquire the better pricing, better terms, and better deals for your business, and maximize your profits like never before!

Best Quotes and Negotiation Blueprint ®

Experience the Power of Tested and Proven Best Quotation and Negotiation Strategies.

  • Gain an edge by Mastering the Art of getting the Best Quotes First time and Every time.
  • Simplify Sourcing by Starting right with Professional Tools and templates.
  • Boost your profits even when on a shoestring budget with expert negotiation skills.
  • Don’t let suppliers push you around – take control of your business with savvy negotiation tactics.
  • Cut down negotiation time, get faster responses, secure better deals with strategic leverage.
  • No big budget or extensive experience needed – learn how to negotiate like a pro from scratch.

Here's what's included:

Video Tutorials

 Professional Video tutorials that take you through the entire Quotation and Negotiation journey step-by-step.

3 Templates

 Request for Quotation, Cost and Profit Analysis and Supplier Evaluation templates.

Textbook Notes

The Course comes with comprehensive textbook notes to serve as a handy guide.

Lifetime Access

The course and templates are yours for a lifetime.

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Starting Right with an RFQ

Obtain the understanding of how to initiate communication, create an outstanding first impression, expedite responses, and obtain the best quotes by utilizing a professionally designed RFQ template.


Comparing Quotes

Develop the ability to compare quotes received from different vendors using a template and distinguish between suitable and unsuitable options.


Shortlisting Suppliers

The most straightforward method to eliminate unsuitable suppliers and select those appropriate for proceeding with sampling and further negotiations.


Cost and Profit Analysis

Master cost and profit calculation using a professional template, avoid errors, determine your target price, and make profitable purchasing decisions.


The Art of Negotiation

The exact email I send to suppliers when I approach them the first time.


Creating and Maximizing Leverage

The easiest way to get dozens of suppliers to quote on the same product and get those quotes rolling in..

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Let's talk about the Bonus templates

All the Pro tools you will need to get Secure Best Price Every Time.


Start the quotation process with a Professional Email and RFQ template- the easiest way to get dozens of suppliers to quote on the same product and get those quotes rolling in…


A template perfect to calculate costs, determining Target Buy price, analyzing profit and ensure the product is profitable.


Evaluate Suppliers, Shortlist for Sampling and deep dive into Negotiation only with Shortlisted suppliers.



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 “Best Quotes and Negotiation Blueprint” ® 

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With over 15 years of experience in the import-export industry both as a buyer and supplier, and having worked with numerous suppliers across India, China, Vietnam, and Pakistan, I have come to realize the immense potential of negotiation skills.

These skills can be the difference between a business that is on the brink of failure and one that is raking in unlimited profits.

Acquiring expertise in getting the best quotes and in the art of negotiation can be a pivotal move for your business.

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