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to Source Fashion or Homeware products from India and turn your passion into a Thriving E-commerce Biz?

Are you ready

An Ultimate Guide to Product Sourcing from India ©

A complete Framework and Roadmap to help you get that product idea out of your head and into the real world by giving you Proven Strategy of *how* to Source your amazing products from India ( even if you have never Sourced products before and have no idea how to go about it)…

I Get How Hard Product Sourcing Can Be…

If you find yourself saying:

“I know nothing about India”, “I struggle with Product Sourcing” or ” I don’t even know how to get started”… (or just want a giant time-saving, stress-saving shortcut to get all the information you need to Source your Very first product at the Click of a Button and for a TINY price)

You’ve come across a solution literally made for you!

Sourcing your products from India for your E-commerce business can be incredibly Easy with this Quick-start Sourcing Guide ‘India Sourcing Blueprint’©.

This is the same system me and my clients have used repeatedly over the years to Source tangible products, and now it’s accessible for you to Duplicate, Adapt, and Take off!

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Limited time offer of AU $10 (One-time payment only) Lifetime access.
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Its not just Finding a Great Product

but more importantly…
The Way you Source your Product determines your success in
E-commerce business.


And I can show you exactly how it works.

Learn how to Source Tangible products from India fast without the pain of trying to figure it out alone, wasting time and money on costly trial and error, and Losing profits Sourcing your products with a process thats missing critical steps.

You just need a Proven Sourcing Framework that shows you:
How to Source,
What process to follow (This is KEY),
What to do and When?

What if you could...

Get the Entire Framework

to Map out your Product Sourcing from India and build your brand from scratch.

Learn Sourcing Process Step by Step

and sail through Sourcing smoothly, whilst cutting out the overwhelm.

Master Each stage

with Pro Tips, Insider tricks and Powerful strategies , Saving time, Minimizing risks and Maximizing profit!

The quick start Step-by-Step Sourcing Guide is your pathway to Product Sourcing Success

It is THE shortcut to up level your product sourcing and having a solution you can access INSTANTLY and for a TINY price on a small biz budget. 


imagine how it will feel...

🌟 to be confident + proud of how you are sourcing, knowing it’s the right process.

🌟 to be saving so much time that you can put to other things (or to life!) and significantly reducing your stress.

🌟 and how it would feel to shortcut your entire product sourcing process for your beautiful biz so you can CREATE AMAZING PRODUCTS easier than before.

I bet it would feel pretty damn good..

And How do I know this?

Because the sourcing solutions I create here at ‘Sourcing with Kirti’ Have helped small biz owners (just like yourself) who have reported just how much happiness and success they have had from ‘just not knowing how to start’ to ‘feeling incredibly confident’ about Sourcing the right way. 

Happy Clients

All of this and (more) is possible
for you with.....
"India Sourcing Blueprint"
The question is, Are you Next?
For any of you who has ever
wanted to Learn the
Secrets to Starting and Growing
Fashion or Homeware E-commerce Biz.....

India Sourcing Blueprint ©

Discover how to Source from India using a Proven Easy-to Use Sourcing System, launch and build your Ecommerce Business with unique products from India even as a start up entrepreneur! 

Save hours of time. Bucket loads of less stress. And be so confident that you are following the right steps that are going to help your business to succeed.

260 Pages E-book


Total Value $249 

Only AU $10

Here's what you'll learn:

Step by step, I’ll take you through how to master each stage of executing your Product Sourcing from India, so you can turn your brilliant ideas into tangible products, boost revenue and build your dream e-commerce business by sourcing with ease and confidence! 

This e-book includes 260 coloured pages with plenty of visual examples, screenshots to help you learn all about Sourcing products from India even as a Start up! 

I will even Show you-

India Sourcing Blueprint is divided into these Key Modules-

get your sneak peek...

Here's how it all breaks down.

We can’t wait to show you how these amazing this E-book is and what’s included!

Module One

India's Manufacturing Marvels

Sneak peek into India, its capabilities, manufacturing hubs before you take the first step.

Module Two

Sourcing Success with Indian Suppliers

Find and Build a network of trustworthy suppliers, reducing risks.

Module Three

Product Sourcing Mastery

Ace the Process from Pre-production, Production and Inspection Phase.

Module Four

India Shipping Step-by-Step

The easiest way to Learn How to Ship your first product from India

Unlock all of this to Source products and

 get results with so much ease…..


Total Value $249 


*Limited Time Offer of AU $ 10 (One-Time Payment only). Lifetime access.

Imagine Sourcing your Next product so easily,
that you wish you started yesterday!

Ready for India Product Sourcing Success? Grab this resource while its on Sale!

India Sourcing E-book


Hi there,

I am Kirti Sehrawat!

A Product Sourcing specialist with serious credentials and experience (nearly 2 decades).
I have a proven track record and a huge passion for helping small businesses achieve their goals through effective Product Sourcing.
Before starting my own business, I was a Supplier and a Buyer for some very successful businesses supplying fashion clothing to top world retailers, creating and sourcing wide array of homeware product ranges, working with hundreds of different suppliers in India, China, Vietnam and Pakistan ( yes, while kicking some serious goals).
And now every day I get to help incredible small biz owners to

• Find and source amazing, unique products from India and delight their customers
• Create a life of financial independence
• Generate profits while building a successful biz
• And to stand out from the rest.
I believe every biz deserves to succeed without the struggles of product sourcing getting in their way which is why I exist, and why I am here today offering my authentic help to you.
After sourcing thousands of products, spending years buying and supplying, I have figured out exactly how sourcing works and more importantly what doesn’t work.

And for the first time ever, I’ve taken everything I’ve learnt in two decades as a buyer and supplier and put it all in an E-book! And I’ve laid it all out for you step by step so you can instantly feel empowered and confident to venture into and smoothly sail through sourcing!

This means:
• You’ll never have to wonder how sourcing works
• You’ll never waste time in trial and errors
• You will Minimize Risks and Maximize Profits
• And you will Jumpstart Sourcing with confidence knowing you are doing it the right way.

Being the coach to small biz owners is my passion. My purpose. And to be honest, a damn privilege.
And I’d be honoured to support you to shortcut, streamline, standout, and succeed in your small biz.

This is How You Know You're in the right place:

If you checked all these boxes, You now have a Proven Easy to apply and a very affordable solution to your sourcing problems. This is THE Solution for you, by me!

7-Day Money Back Guarantee

This solution will give you your time back, help you have confidence, and supercharge your Product Sourcing.

I love it, and I spent months writing it for E-commerce entrepreneurs just like you. 

BUT I want you to know that there is no risk in purchasing today. 

If you don’t love India Sourcing Blueprint, you can request your money back within 7-days.

I’m confident it is a solution that will seriously remove your Product Sourcing struggles though, for good .

if you want to.....

🌟 Save so much time that you can put to other things in your biz (or to life!) and significantly reduce your stress.

🌟 Harness the power of strategic product Sourcing + immediately.

🌟 Have pride and confidence in how you are Sourcing.

🌟 Shortcut entire product sourcing process for your beautiful biz so you can CREATE AMAZING PRODUCTS easier than before.

🌟 Gain more profits and Create a Better business..


One last important note....

And it's this- whatever you do, whether you choose to add 'India Sourcing Blueprint' to your business resource or not....
DO NOT Source products without knowing the correct process and method. #please

'Cause you Don't want to look back in the future and think " Gosh I wish I had not invested or I wish I had known this"
And that is 'cause *How* you Source your products truly can
Make or Break your business

And you as a Product Biz Owner....just need to do it the *right way* to help you achieve the success you need in your business.

And this is why 'India Sourcing Blueprint' now exists- to help you DO IT RIGHT!

And this is your invite to add this to your business today- and if you do, I can't wait to hear about the result it may bring 💛

Ready to achieve
E-commerce Success you desire with Unique Indian products?
Its waiting for you Inside
"India Sourcing Blueprint"©

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Total Value $249 


Limited time offer of AU $10 (One-time payment only) Lifetime access.
Money Back Guarantee.
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The product provided by Kirti Sehrawat and sold through Savi Creations Pty Ltd. under name ‘Sourcing with Kirti’ aims to provide practical business information exclusively. The results may vary and will be based on your individual capacity, experience and expertise. There are No Guarantees  concerning the level of success you may experience. The responsibility of performing due diligence and assessment before making any purchase decisions lies with the customer. You agree that Kirti Sehrawat and Savi Creations Pty Ltd. (Sourcing with Kirti) is not liable for any success or failure of your business and shall not be held accountable for the customer’s decision to purchase the product or the consequences arising from its usage.