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‘EasySource Lite’ is a QUICK AND EASY Product Sourcing Solution that helps in Finding and connecting you to Best Verified supplier(s) and providing you a head-start to Source your Amazing products from India.


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Here's what the service covers-

  • Curated Supplier Contacts: After providing your product specifications, receive a curated list of upto three verified suppliers suitable for your products.
  • Smooth Introduction Process: Benefit from our team’s assistance in connecting you with high-quality suppliers over emails. We can also assist in organizing meetings with the manufacturers if you are visiting India.
  • Transparent Pricing: Obtain Product offer including initial quotes and MOQs presented to you in their original, unaltered state, free from any additional markups.
  • Seamless Quickstart: Equipped with essential supplier contacts, you’re fully prepared to kickstart your product sourcing journey seamlessly.

Take a Look at the Product Categories that you can Source from India

Here's How this Service Works

Product Specifications

You provide us with Detailed Specifications for your product by filling out the form below and making the required payment.

We Find Supplier(s)

We find the Best, Most Suitable Supplier (upto 3 if required) for your product.

Product Offer

We arrange Product Offer including Quotation and MOQ.

Supplier introduction

We introduce you to the supplier over email and can also arrange meeting if you are visiting India.

Sourcing Template Kit

Should you choose to get DIY Sourcing Template Bundle, you get an exclusive 25% discount.

Done-for-you Sourcing

Should you choose to partner with us to look after your Sourcing, you get 50% refund when you place order.

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You’ve got a wealth of fantastic product ideas just waiting to be brought to life! What an exciting prospect to create your own Private label range, Source products from India and Build an e-commerce business of your dreams.

But no background in the industry, no experience working with overseas suppliers, you are overwhelmed!

May be you have even suspended pursuing your dream idea just because you don't know where to find suppliers and where to even start.

Choose to not let that overwhelm hold you back!
Let us help!

If you have a product idea and if India is the right sourcing destination for your product...Let us Find and connect you with the best suppliers and Get you started seamlessly!

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