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Acquire knowledge and expertise, to effectively traverse the complex Freight networks in both Air and Sea Shipping

Don't let Shipping Cost eat your profit !

India Shipping Blueprint ®

A-Z of Shipping process to Ship Goods from India

  • Kick off your Shipping journey by mastering the Fundamentals.
  • Uncover various Shipping Options and cost drivers for different modes.
  • Identify the most Cost-effective Shipping Mode and consolidate shipments to save big bucks.
  • Get to know the Critical Steps involved in the physical movement of goods.
  • Acquire comprehensive knowledge of Shipping documents to facilitate a hassle-free process.

Here's what's included:

Video Tutorials

 Professional Video tutorials that take you through A-Z Of Shipping Process

Four Templates

Email Script, Request for Quotation, CBM Calculator and Shipping documents Checklist

Textbook Notes

The Course comes with comprehensive textbook notes to serve as a handy guide.

Lifetime Access

The course and templates are yours for a lifetime.

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Shipping Success Path

Obtain a clear roadmap and familiarize yourself with all the necessary steps involved in shipping your goods directly from the manufacturer to your desired warehouse.


Shipping Fundamentals

Acquire knowledge about Shipping Fundamentals that includes Shipping Ports in India, Inco Terms, Stakeholders involved in Shipping, CBM Calculations, Container Sizes, and Modes of Transport.


A-Z Of Shipping Process

From quotes to delivery, Ace the A-Z of Shipping, Pro tips on selecting the best shipping mode, understanding costs, shipping documents and learning the nitty gritty of movement of goods.

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Let's talk about the Bonus templates

All the Pro tools you will need to smoothly sail your goods right into your Warehouse!


Start the quotation process with a professional Email and RFQ Template


A template perfect to calculate CBM and work out the volume of your shipment with ease.


Checklist to ensure that you have all essential documents to smoothly import your goods.

Let’s get your goods moving with India Shipping  Blueprint” ® 

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Learn the ropes, cut expenses, mitigate risks, and make informed decisions.

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