Sourcing with Kirti


How to Source Fashion and Homeware Products from India

How to Source
Fashion and Homeware products from India

New to product Sourcing? or have sourced in the past but, frustrated of hit and trial methods and wondering why the methods you have tried so far are not working...

Skip the Overwhelm and take the shortcut...

Learn the Sourcing Success Method....

Source Distinguished products from India,
Transform your product ideas into lucrative products and
Launch an e-commerce business of your dreams..

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve previously imported and now want to diversify your sourcing from India, I’m here to teach you the Sourcing Success Method. 

This method will show you how to source products from India without the overwhelm, ensuring you start on the right foot and set yourself up for success.

Here's what you will learn during the Masterclass

The Five Key Sourcing Elements and how by Mastering them you can drastically change the outcome of your Sourcing venture.

Learn how to become Sourcing Ready and avoid wasting time and money by Jumping straight from product idea to product sourcing and get poor results.

Learn about Massive shortcut, proven tools and methods to ensure you are sourcing profitably and making the best of your investment and not losing it in costly trial and error.

This is for You if:

If you checked all the boxes, then this is the shortcut you have been waiting for....

Hi there,

I am Kirti Sehrawat!

You’ve got a wealth of fantastic product ideas just waiting to be brought to life! What an exciting prospect to create your own Private label range, Source products from India and Build an e-commerce business of your dreams.

But no background in the industry, no experience working with overseas suppliers, you are overwhelmed!

May be you have even suspended pursuing your dream idea just because you don't know where to find suppliers and where to even start.

Choose to not let that overwhelm hold you back!
Let me help!

I am very passionate about helping Product-based E-commerce entrepreneurs looking to source exceptional products from India that their customers will adore, succeed and grow revenue doing something they're truly love, all on their own terms. Having spent nearly two decades in the import-export industry, I know first hand, the critical role that product sourcing plays in the success of an e-commerce venture.

What makes the difference is my diverse background both as a buyer and supplier, giving me a valuable perspective on the challenges and opportunities that exist on both sides of the sourcing process. Throughout my career, I have encountered a diverse array of experiences, ranging from highly positive to exceptionally challenging and everything in between.

It is this first-hand knowledge that drives my passion to help other entrepreneurs achieve success. Whether you are just starting out or looking to diversify your sourcing to India, I am here to share with you everything I have learnt in this LIVE masterclass to help you get started effortlessly..

In this FREE 60 minute masterclass I am sharing the exact steps that have helped me source 1000s of products and now followed by my clients to source theirs successfully.

It's amazing how straightforward and easy to apply these
Sourcing Success Strategies can be.

However, many business owners jump straight from having a product idea to product sourcing, missing out on critical steps.

But when you understand the Critical Steps to take before you venture into sourcing and then
Master the KEY Sourcing Elements, you will see everything falling in place seamlessly and your product coming to life just the way you envisioned.

You will find out :


Yes, this masterclass will be hosted LIVE! 

Nothing beats the energy of being in a room with hundreds of other Product-based business owners.

Absolutely. This is an interactive session. I’ll be answering your questions after the masterclass.

Yes, Register your spot and I will share Limited time replay. 

Discover the Secret to Sourcing Successfully,
Launching an e-commerce business with
Unique, Distinguished products from India that
builds Raving Customers of your brand.

And You can get started with Product Sourcing *way* more easily and quickly than you think.

Let's do this together!