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Sourcing your products from India for your E-commerce business can be incredibly Easy if you choose ‘Sourcing with Kirti’ India Sourcing Templates and Worksheets Bundle.


All templates are fully editable and can be easily customized to make your own.


Template bundle comes with handy written guide to help you learn more about the topic.


Templates and Worksheets come with video tutorials that walk you through them step by step.

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India Sourcing Templates and Worksheets Bundle®

All the Templates that you will ever need to Source your amazing products from India that will Save you time, Minimize risks, Maximize Profits and Give you Competitive edge instantly.

Here's what's included:

6 Sourcing Templates

Email script to contact suppliers first time, Request for Quotation, Cost and Profit Analysis, Proto Sample Evaluation worksheet, Techpack and Purchase Order

Textbook Notes

The templates come with comprehensive textbook notes to serve as your written guide.

Video Tutorials

We don’t simply provide you with templates and leave you to figure out how to use them. Our templates are accompanied by step-by-step video tutorials. 

Lifetime Access

The templates are yours for a lifetime, allowing you to reuse them without any additional purchase.

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The exact email I send to suppliers when I approach them the first time.


RFQ (Request for Quotation)

The easiest way to get dozens of suppliers to quote on the same product and get those quotes rolling in..


Cost and Profit Analysis

Use this template to work out landed cost, retail cost, establish target buy price and ensure the product will make you money.


Proto Sample Evaluation

Let’s make sure you have checked every single component of samples and recorded the comments.


Tech pack

The perfect way to develop products based on your unique design and make sure it arrives just the way you had envisioned.


Purchase Order

This template includes every necessary component  to finally send your official order confirmation to the suppliers!

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Let's talk about the bonuses.

We are literally giving you everything you will need to begin Sourcing your first product from India.


Get an insight into India and learn all about the Product Categories India specialises in, Top Hot Products and Major Manufacturing Hubs.




To make it even easier for you, we are including ‘India Shipping Blueprint’ so you know every step involved in Shipping your products from India.




You don’t have to stress about not knowing the Sourcing Lingo. Learn all the Pro terms from  ‘Import Export Industry Jargon’.




Don’t delay Sourcing your very first Product any longer!

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I’ve spent over 15 years both as a buyer and supplier in import export business, supplied fashion clothing to top world retailers, created and sourced wide array of homeware product ranges, worked with hundreds of different suppliers in India, China, Vietnam and Pakistan - before redirecting my goals to helping online entrepreneurs
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- Delight their customers with their Amazing branded products Sourced from India.

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