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A complete framework to help you quickly get started with Product Sourcing from India for your Biz..

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It’s a complete Sourcing framework,  Proven sourcing strategy, information, resources and done-for-you tools (and so much more!) to help you instantly get started with Product Sourcing from India Easily and Confidently.


You get Personalised Mentorship with Me (Kirti) every step of your Journey.

Bottom Line: If you have ever wanted to Build a business with Unique Indian products, Joining Sourcing Success Society will provide you Everything you need to Effortlessly and Confidently Source your first product from India and Launch your dream e-commerce business.

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India's Manufacturing Marvels

Get equipped with all the knowledge you need about India, its product specialities, manufacturing hubs and shipping ports….with so much ease, and in a fraction of the time it’d take you to find all the information without this method.


Why Source from India?

Learn what makes India a great Sourcing Destination and top spot for Fashion and Homewares Sourcing.


Product Categories to source from India

Acquire knowledge about Products India Specializes in so you can decide if it aligns with your Sourcing and Product Requirements.


Top Hot Products to Source from India

Get your hands on my Exclusive list of Top Products that are best Sourced from India.


Major Manufacturing hubs in India

Familiarize yourself with the Major Manufacturing hubs in India, so you know where to find suppliers, Source your products and gain cost and quality benefit.


Major Shipping Ports in India

Acquire knowledge about Major Shipping Ports used in India for Fashion and Homeware goods so you can Plan your orders ahead and manage logistics more efficiently.

Sourcing Success with Indian Suppliers

Want to find the best reliable suppliers for your business? In “Sourcing Success with Indian Suppliers” I am giving you my exact strategy that has helped me SUPERCHARGE my product sourcing by Easily and Effortlessly Finding and Building a network of trustworthy suppliers, reducing risks.


Easy Ways to Find Indian Suppliers

Uncover the Secrets to finding the most qualified Indian suppliers.


Verifying Indian Suppliers

Steer clear of bad suppliers, safeguard yourself by quickly verifying their credentials through four checkpoints.


Selecting your Ideal Supplier

Maximize your efficiency with our 12-Point Checklist for selecting your ideal supplier and implementing ongoing evaluation criteria to streamline your supply chain.


Sourcing Best Practices and Building Great Supply Chain Relationships

Discover the Best India Sourcing practices for successful and smooth sourcing that will help you forge long-lasting supplier relationships that lasts for years and even decades to come.

India Sourcing Success Template Bundle

All the  Pro Tools and Templates that you will ever need to Source your amazing products from India that will Save you time, Minimize risks, Maximize Profits and Give you Competitive edge instantly.


Email Script to Approach Suppliers

The exact email I send to suppliers when I approach them the first time.


RFQ (Request for Quotation)

The easiest way to get dozens of suppliers to quote on the same product and get those quotes rolling in..


Cost and Profit Calculator

Use this template to work out landed cost, retail cost, establish target buy price and ensure the product will make you money.


Proto Sample Evaluation Template

Let’s make sure you have checked every single component of samples and recorded the comments.


Tech pack

The perfect way to develop products based on your unique design and make sure it arrives just the way you had envisioned.



This template includes every necessary component  to finally send your official order confirmation to the suppliers!


Email Script for Freight forwarder

The exact email I send to Freight forwarders when I approach them to request quotes.


Supplier Directory Template

Prepare your own Supplier Directory to use as a handy reference throughout your Sourcing journey.


Supplier Evaluation Worksheet

The perfect way to conduct on-going Supplier Evaluation and Streamline Supply chain.


CBM Calculator

Calculate Volume of your shipment easily using the Calculator

These Handy Helpful Resources:


Start-up Costs Worksheet

Know the various costs you need to consider, how much you need to invest and work out all your start-up costs with ease.


Mood Board Blueprint

Get started with Product Development by preparing a Mood Board with this step-by-step guide.


Shipping Documents Checklist (with Examples)

List of Major Shipping documents required in International Shipping along with Examples.


Import Export Industry Jargon

 Learn all the Pro industry terms from  ‘Import Export Industry Jargon’.

India Sourcing Blueprint- E-book

A 260 pages e-book that provides you with complete Framework and Roadmap to help you get that product idea out of your head and into the real world by giving you Proven Strategy of *how* to Source your amazing products from India 

It's a choice between struggling to get started
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Everything you will need to begin Sourcing your first product from India.

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Hi there,

I am Kirti Sehrawat!

A Product Sourcing specialist with a proven track record and experience of nearly 2 decades.
Before starting my own business, I was a Supplier and a Buyer for some very successful businesses supplying fashion clothing to top world retailers, creating and sourcing wide array of homeware product ranges, working with hundreds of different suppliers in India, China, Vietnam and Pakistan. It is this first-hand knowledge that drives my passion to help other product-based entrepreneurs achieve success through effective Product Sourcing.
  And now every day I get to help incredible small e-commerce biz owners to source amazing, unique products from India delight their customers and

• Build long lasting supply chain relationships.

•      Create a life of financial independence

• Generate profits while building a successful biz

• And to stand out from the rest.  

After sourcing thousands of products, spending years buying and supplying and dealing with all types of suppliers I have figured out exactly how sourcing works and more importantly what doesn’t work. And I’ve laid it all out for you step by step.

By simplifying the Sourcing process, using tools, techniques and pro strategies, you will be able to Source with confidence and achieve greater Success in your Biz.
This means • You’ll never have to wonder how sourcing works. • You’ll never waste time in trial and errors • And you will jumpstart sourcing with all these tools with confidence knowing you are doing it the right way.

Whether you are just starting out or looking to diversify your Sourcing to India, I am here to support you every step of the way.

Who is this for :

Start-up or Scale-up Physical Product based business owners who want to press the 'easy button' when sourcing Fashion clothing, homeware products from India


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🌟 Save yourself from Costly Trial and Error

🌟 Shortcut your Entire Sourcing process

🌟 Be Confident about How you are Sourcing

🌟 Create Amazing Products easier than before

🌟 Create a Better business..


 and Kickstart your Product Sourcing journey like a Pro

Still got questions?

Starting a business from scratch can be overwhelming but with the right guidance it can be an exciting venture. Our Signature Sourcing Courses accompanied with our mentorship will help you get off the ground and begin sourcing for your business easily and professionally.

If you are looking to improve product sourcing for your existing e-commerce business? Look no further! These resources will help redefine as well as help you source far more effectively and get the profits you need for your business.

Yes, indeed. Dive into the recordings, absorb the knowledge at your pace with step-by-step video tutorials. Pause, rewind, and revisit the content whenever needed.

Once you have invested in one-time-payment, its for yours to keep.

Your get life-time access.

Absolutely! This course covers templates that are used throughout Product Sourcing process, making it valuable no matter the platform you choose for your e-commerce journey. (Only with the Cost Analysis- Additional cost consideration will be required  depending on your chosen platform)

Absolutely! Sourcing Success Society includes 4 Zoom Calls to address every nitty-gritty aspect, addressing all your queries. Beyond that, you’ll have access to our community on Facebook and Instagram, where you can directly connect or DM me regarding any course-related questions.

Simply email your queries at hello@sourcingwithkirti.com.au and we will get back to you ASAP.

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