The Ultimate
India Sourcing Checklist!

Its not just Finding a Great Product
but more importantly...
The Way you Source your Product determines your success in
E-commerce business.

And I can show you exactly how it works.

Learn how to Source Tangible products from India fast without the pain of trying to figure it out alone, wasting time and money on costly trial and error, and Losing profits Sourcing your products with a process thats missing critical steps.

You just need a Proven Sourcing Framework that shows you:
How to Source,
What process to follow (This is KEY),
What to do and When?

Get the roadmap and learn all steps and stages involved in Product Sourcing with "The Ultimate India Sourcing Checklist"

What if you could...

Get an Entire Framework and Break down of all Steps and Stages involved in Product Sourcing from India for your E-commerce business

so you have a clear roadmap, know what to do and when without missing out on any critical step!

No More overwhelm about what is what and when!

No more confusion about what Sourcing stages involve!

imagine how it will feel...

🌟 to be confident + proud of how you are sourcing, knowing it’s the right process.

🌟 to be saving so much time that you can put to other things (or to life!) and significantly reducing your stress.

🌟 and how it would feel to shortcut your entire product sourcing process for your beautiful biz so you can CREATE AMAZING PRODUCTS easier than before.

I bet it would feel pretty damn good..

Here's what you'll learn:

I’ll take you through each step of all five stages to have a successful sourcing experience, divided into-

So, Uh, Why Should you trust me for being your Product Sourcing coach?

It's a damn good question and one I am glad you asked. or, (at least thought).

I am Kirti Sehrawat, a Product Sourcing specialist with serious credentials and experience (nearly 2 decades).
I have a proven track record and a huge passion for helping small businesses achieve their goals through effective Product Sourcing.
Before starting my own business, I was a Supplier and a Buyer for some very successful businesses supplying fashion clothing to top world retailers, creating and sourcing wide array of homeware product ranges, working with hundreds of different suppliers in India, China, Vietnam and Pakistan ( yes, while kicking some serious goals).
And now every day I get to help incredible small biz owners to

• Find and source amazing, unique products from India and delight their customers
• Build long lasting supply chain relationships.
• Create a life of financial independence
• Generate profits while building a successful biz
• And to stand out from the rest.
I believe every biz deserves to succeed without the struggles of product sourcing getting in their way which is why I exist, and why I am here today offering my authentic help to you.
Being the coach to small biz owners is my passion. My purpose. And to be honest, a damn privilege.
And I’d be honoured to support you to shortcut, streamline, standout, and succeed in your small biz.

Don't delay any longer!
It's time to Supercharge your Product Sourcing!

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