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To transform your brilliant, innovative concepts into lucrative products that builds a dedicated fanbase enthusiastic about your brand?

Does any of this sound familiar?

You’re feeling swamped while attempting to comprehend the sourcing process and learning the steps to ensure that it’s done correctly?

You’re frustrated because of the lack of experience and the fear of jeopardizing your investment due to choosing the wrong supplier or not executing the process correctly?

You wish there was a hassle-free solution where all your resources are available at the click of a button?

Coaching Call

If you are ready to DIY you first product from India, but don’t have a clue where to start, Schedule a personalized one-on-one coaching call to get all your queries answered. 

‘EasySource Lite’ is tailored to help you connect with the supplier and provide you a quick head start. Here’s what the service covers-

  • Curated Supplier Contacts: After receiving your product specifications, We provide a curated list of upto three verified suppliers suitable for your products.
  • Smooth Introduction Process: Benefit from our team’s assistance in connecting you with high-quality suppliers over emails. We can also assist in organizing meetings with the manufacturers if you are visiting India.
  • Transparent Pricing: Obtain Product offer including initial quotes and MOQs presented to you in their original, unaltered state, free from any additional markups.
  • Seamless Quickstart: Equipped with essential supplier contacts, you’re fully prepared to kickstart your product sourcing journey seamlessly.

‘EasySource Pro’ is our tailored ‘Done-for-you Sourcing Solution where we become your sourcing partner and provide end-to-end sourcing services including below:

  • Curated Verified Supplier: After receiving your product specifications, We find the most suitable supplier for your product. When dealing with intricate products requiring specific certifications, we source suppliers who meet these criteria and provide the necessary certifications.
  • Transparent Pricing:  Product offer including initial quotes and MOQs is presented to you in their original, unaltered state, free from any additional markups.
  • Sample Evaluation: Samples can then be arranged and sent directly to you to review. However, if you prefer, we can  have the samples assessed by our quality inspectors on your behalf before they are sent. Additionally, we manage communication with the supplier to address any identified flaws in the samples during the inspection.
  • Manufacturing Supervision: Once the order is placed and production kicks off, it’s normal for challenges to crop up. Rest assured, this is part of the process, and we’ve got your back. We actively oversee and track production on your behalf, swiftly addressing common challenges and ensuring you stay informed throughout.
Hi there,

I am Kirti Sehrawat!

You’ve got a wealth of fantastic product ideas just waiting to be brought to life! What an exciting prospect to create your own Private label range, Source products from India and Build an e-commerce business of your dreams.

But no background in the industry, no experience working with overseas suppliers, you are overwhelmed trying to learn all about the 'tools' you are supposed to use in Product Sourcing.

You don’t want to go through months grappling with the process and fear DIY'ing a product that will risk your investment as well as credibility.

May be you have even suspended pursuing your dream idea just because you don't know what to use and where to start.

Choose to not let that overwhelm hold you back!
Let me help!

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